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Who Are We?

Bootseeds is a collection of extremely creative and classically trained electrical and computer engineers that have branched out into numerous engineering disciplines.  We achieved our start by utilizing our experience and understanding of both electrical and software engineering to aid companies in bootstrapping their embedded systems platforms.

We’ve since expanded our knowledge and product base to include full embedded systems operating environments, development tool and plugin design, FPGA SoC design, Android application design, video game design, class-D audio amplifier design, engine management, and numerous other interesting domains of engineering.  Bootseeds also provides systems engineering services such as “hardware designed for software” consulting, schematic review, and embedded systems architecture consulting.

How Did We Get Our Name?

The company founder was taking on contract jobs to aid companies in bootstrapping their new embedded systems platforms.  As a last measure sanity check prior to handing the processor and initialized embedded system over to the OS, he would place the hex pattern ‘0xB0075EED’ aka “BOOTSEED” in key registers and memory locations.  These locations could be checked throughout the OS boot process as an indicator of proper function or as a syndrome for failure identification.  This had become a more and more frequent process for him as he gained more clients.  When he launched the company and had to pick a name, BOOTSEEDS seemed a natural choice.

Our Strengths

Bootseeds is founded upon the principal that engineers became engineers because they are creative and technically inclined; our engineers are not constrained to designing solely within the field that they received their degree in.  We encourage our engineers to explore new and interesting technologies and applications.  This practice has led to an environment of unconstrained creativity and engineering solution development that satisfies our customers’ needs while increasing their potential value within their industry.
Combined Knowledge and Experience
Our approach to embedded systems engineering is to treat software and electrical engineering as part of the same spectrum.  This allows us to see the embedded system at a macroscopic scale while taking into account the effects that the underlying hardware design will have on the ability to implement and run software, and similarly, how the software design will affect the ability to control and interact with hardware.  We combine this approach with years of experience across multiple domains including; Embedded Cryptography, GPS, Aerospace, Data-Centric Middleware, Audio, Android Apps, BIOS and numerous other domains.  
Streamlined Processes
Bootseeds can complete professional grade engineering solutions at a fraction of the cost of large corporations because we have made low overhead a key component of our business model.  Our goal is to dedicate as much of the financial assets of every program to the engineering effort.  We have instituted numerous modern tools and procedures to ensure that our overhead burden is low.  These practices have also liberated our engineers to dedicate more time and effort to actual engineering work as opposed to daily infrastructure tasks.  


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